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Digital 3D Erotica


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Oh, by the way …

… so I’m a few days late to the party with this announcement, but Naughty Neighbors Volume 2 is available now at Renderotica and Affect3D. Read more »

A new year … and a new face …

Happy new year to all you little miscreants out there. Albeit a little late, I do hope your celebrations were lively and safe. We’ve been kicking up a bit of dust around here already this new year and even managed to bring aboard another tasty little treat. Read more »

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Merry XXXmas …. part 2

Finally! I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to get this all together in time to post it today … which would have been seriously disappointing. But thankfully I managed to get distractions set aside and have a special little something to put under the proverbial tree for everyone.

Read more »


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