A new year … and a new face …

A new year … and a new face …

Happy new year to all you little miscreants out there. Albeit a little late, I do hope your celebrations were lively and safe. We’ve been kicking up a bit of dust around here already this new year and even managed to bring aboard another tasty little treat. This is Daya. A voluptuous little vixen we found stirring around in the corner … so, we decided we’re going to put her cute little ass to work. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her very soon as her first feature is already in the works in a brand new chapter of series I think you’re going to love … Nova After Midnight. *insert dramatic music crescendo*

These are really just some simple test shots, so she will have a proper gallery page coming soon, but I thought I’d at least share what I have. Who am I to keep all that sexiness to myself, right?





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