From the ashes …

From the ashes …

Well …. hello there, my lovlies.  I bet you’d thought me lost to the nether, didn’t you? Well … surprise … I still exist. Yes, I’m back …. with a vengeance.

2015 was a brutal year for me, on many fronts. The year was wrought with many personal, and professional tragedies, as many of you know. My hiatus was both needed and unwanted at the same time, I assure you. But fear not, my devious little friends … all of that is behind me and I’m set to turn 2016 into a brutally sexy year. And to start that off, I bring you my largest set to date … Hadley’s Demonstration … as well as an all new interview coming soon from Renderotica.

Hadley’s Demonstration is an all new, super hot adventure for me, as I’ve done something that I’ve not done before. Something that some of you know, is something I’ve kind of avoided for a long time. I’ve pooled my abilities with the incomperable mind of another very talented new author, ButterflyDead. Believe me when I tell you, this girl’s mind is as devious as my own … and we all know that can only be a good thing, right? This debut is a double whammy for her. Not only is it her public debut of erotica, but also in working in the 3DX scene. So … be gentle and play nice … or no cookies for you! And if you’re good … very very good … she just may talk to you about commissioning all those dirty little stories you’ve got floating around in your twisted little minds. Keep your eyes on this one, folks …. there is a lot more to come from her.

But, enough dribble. We all know why you’re here … you filthy little miscreants (my favorite kind) …. sex. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Hadley’s Demonstration is a fully illustrated and dialogued comic in large format (what good is super hot sex if it gets lost in a panel with 12 other pictures?). There are 176 images in the stunning quality you’ve come to expect. It’s in the usual PDF format at 1600×900 for ease of use. And did I mention it’s super hot? Because it is.

Our nubile little Hadley is late for class …. not good for a teaching assistant. You get to watch as the dreamy Professor Eric decides to make an example of her, right in front of the whole class. See Hadley give everything she has to his expert touch as he decribes, in detail, just what he’s doing …. and wrenching her to a massive squirting orgasm! But … believe me .. that’s just the beginning of the fun.

As usual, you can snatch it up at Renderotica and Affect3D for $13.95. So, head over to The Shop and check it out … and snatch up any of those sets you’ve had your eye on for some time (Yes, I’m talking to you … I’ve seen you lurking).



Nova_Hadley_Large1   Nova_Hadley_Large2

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