And here we go …

And here we go …

Alright, my friends … I’m very happy to say that the new Shop is up and running!

I did a metric ass ton more testing between my last post and today … and I do have to admit … I’ve outdone myself on this one, I think.  The new catalog looks brilliant and, so far, is working like a champ.

On the front end … mainly the home page … nothing has really changed.  When you click on The Shop link from the top menu, you’ll still be brought to the section of the site that shows my three latest releases. However, when you enter the actual shop itself … that’s where the magic happens. You’ll first be shown all of the individual categories of products I have available … choosing one will take you to a list of all the products in that category.  There is also a link above the categories to view all of the products at once.

I really think is going to make your experience here much nicer … and make my life much easier down the road. I can now handle a massive number of products without the headache of adding them to the site that they have been thus far.  So go take a look … and … buy something, maybe?  Poke around … lemme know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback.


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