Time to get some Vanya …

Time to get some Vanya …

After all … who doesn’t need a buxom blue skinned sex bomb like Vanya in their life? Am I right? Well … I’m very pleased to say that Vanya – Homecoming is now available at Affect3D and Renderotica! This set is simply amazing .. in my oh so humble opinion. It tips the scales at a hefty 108 images of the same high quality you’ve come to expect.  I found it only fitting that after my little hiatus, that it be Vanya that paves the way for my return. After all, those of you that remember, Vanya was the one that started it all.

This set is a slight departure for me … since I’ve not done much in the way of MMF encounters … but it was a hell of a lot of fun to do. And I think Vanya felt right at home gettin’ her oreo double stuffed … so I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it as well.  There’s also some very nice one on one build up as well … to help get your motors warmed up.

So head on over to your favorite store … Affect3D or Renderotica … and snatch it up today!  You can also check out all of my other releases right here in my Shop!




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