The return …

The return …

So …. after much hiatus, I have returned. Did you miss me? Don’t lie … I know you did, because I’m totally worth missing! For those of you who thought me long since retired … or possibly dead … I say, “neener, neener”.  It pains me to say that, unfortunately, life has gotten in my way on many fronts. I am happy to say, however, that things finally appear to be getting back on track …. at least for the most part.  There is still quite a ways to go, but hey, it’s getting there.  I know I have been lax in keeping things updated … as well as in producing more sets and series for you all to enjoy, but that will be changing very shortly.  In fact … I’m very very happy to say that it will be changing tomorrow.  I’m incredibly proud to announce that Vanya’s fourth installment, Homecoming, will be released tomorrow! About time, right? This one has been sitting in the wings for some time now … needing only a bit of fine tuning to finish off.

I do still have a long way to go to get caught up on things … my own projects as well as commissions and freebies. Those of you that have been waiting for commissions, I ask that you please be patient just a little longer.  I have been working … in so much as I have been able to manage … so things are not at a total standstill. As I bring things back in line, workflow will increase to maximum capacity very soon.

To that end, however, I have sought inspiration in various forms … in attempt to get my mojo back, as it were. As such, I have a handful of new wallpapers for you to download and enjoy if they strike your fancy.  I will post them here …. but, as always, you can find them in the Odds & Ends gallery as well.

So … after all of that, I bet you’re wondering about that Vanya set I mentioned, aren’t ya? Well … this is a good one. Along with the level of quality hotness you’ve come to expect from Vanya … this round will see her take on an entirely new adventure! In fact … TWO of them.  That’s right … our little blue bombshell is appearing her in first multiple partner set. So you Vanya fans … as well as you threesome fans, get ready … because this one is right up your alley!

Here are a few sneak peeks … as well as the wallpapers I promised. Enjoy!




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